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First class ship repair service and full support for your fleet.


More than 60 fully qualified companies to provide you.


Stamp of quality of the Tenerife’s Port Authority.

Strategic location

A meeting point between 3 different continents and the closest European region to West Africa.

Who we are

Seappliers was born as an initiative of Tenerife’s Port Authority, aimed at promoting the ships repair companies that operate in the 6 ports of Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Granadilla, Los Cristianos, La Palma, La Estaca at Hierro and La Gomera.

The objective of Tenerife’s Port Authority is to build a platform that link their more than 60 competitive and qualified companies to those looking for ship repair services in the West Africa coast area, guaranteeing a first class attention and full support for a fleet of any kind.

Port of Santa Cruz