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Ship repair & Refit

In the 2017 Palumbo Group is celebrating fifty years of activities, other than its broad experience the Group can offer to the maritime industry 14 dry-docks and over 2km of berth, such facilities makes Palumbo’s unique network able to service over than 300 vessels per year. Palumbo Group is one of the world’s most recognized brand in the ship-repairs & conversion sector having a particular experience within Offshore and Passenger vessels industry and continuously servicing assets coming from all different marine sectors. The Group is also involved in the superyacht’s repairs, refit and newbuilding.
Palumbo Tenerife Shipyard is located at Santa Cruz – Tenerife, the yard commenced its activities by the end of February 2016 with the aim to become a reliable ship repair solution for vessels sailing across the Atlantic routes in fact such location is considered strategic for all vessels trading in the Atlantic Ocean especially those intended to ports in the African continent. PTS can offer to its customers over 500 m of repair berths with deep draft throughout, our experienced personnel may assist customers, counting also on the support of the mother company, with a broad range of services, from short afloat repair to challenging conversions and refits for any kind of vessel.

Certificates:   ISO 9001   |   ISO 14001   |   OHSAS 18001